Texas Exotic Hunting

Texas Exotic Hunting

Exotic Hunting

Ahrens Ranch & Wildlife hunts numerous different ranches under high and low fences encompassing thousands of acres producing high quality hunts to our clients. These hunts are conducted on a no kill-no pay basis with the exception  of a daily fee, which includes your guide, vehicle, meals, drinks  and field care of trophies. Most hunts are conducted safari style  without use of feeders or blinds, providing a more challenging and  exciting hunt. 

 The surplus of different Exotic Game animals offers the sportsman  year round access for big game adventures such as Axis, Fallow and Sika  Deer, Blackbuck Antelope, Scimitar Horned-Oryx, Addax, Aoudad Sheep, and many African species. Since these exotic game species are non-indigenous to Texas, they may  be hunted any time throughout the calendar year leaving ample time for  other hunting opportunities. 


$295 per day daily rate (Hunters)

$200 per day daily rate (NonHunters)


Addax Antelope- $5500 

Kudu- $15,000 

Waterbuck- $6500

Aoudad Sheep- $3900

Markhor- $14,000  

Wildebeest- $5500

Axis Deer- $3000 

Mouflon- $4000  

Zebra- $4500

Blackbuck Antelope- $2600  

Muntjac- $3500  

Arabian Oryx- 8500

Blesbok- $6000  

Nile Lechwe- $9500

Barasinga- $4500

Bongo Antelope- $28,500  

Nilgai- $4000  

Red Lechwe- $4500

Chinese Water Deer- $3750  

Nubian Ibex- $9500

Eland- $5500 

Nyala- $9500

Fallow- $4250  

Fringed-eared Oryx- $6500

Dama Gazelle- $7000 

Scimitar Oryx- $5000

Grants Gazelle- $8000

Pere David- $7000

Persian Gazelle- $5000 

Blue Sheep- $22,000

Tommy Gazelle- $6000 

Red Sheep- $5500

Gemsbok- $7500 

Roan- $15,000 

Himalayan Tahr- $5500  

Sable- $15,000

Hog Deer- $4250  

Sika- $7000

Impala- $5500  

Sitatunga- $7500

Kangaroo- $3000 

Springbok- $5500

Javelina/Wild Boar- $350

Black Hawaiian Ram- $2500

Texas Dall Ram- $2500

Four Horn Ram- $2500

Japanese Sika- $2000

*Other Exotic species available- just give us a call or send us an email!