Texas Mule Deer Hunting



The mule deer population in Texas ranges from about 150,000 

during dry conditions to about 250,000 during wet periods. 

On the properties we hunt Mule deer, you can expect to have a shot opportunity at 150-170" bucks. Sometimes we do come across larger deer, but we want you to expect less and possibly take a larger deer!

Mule deer hunting in the Texas Panhandle and the Trans Pecos Region may be the most over looked gem in the hunting community, and Ahrens Ranch & Wildlife wants to provide you the best in Mule Deer hunting.

We hunt mule deer from hunting vehicles via safari style and sometimes leads to spot and stalk hunting. The properties we hunt Mule Deer on are located in Presidio County & Hutchinson County.

Typical day consists of an early morning breakfast than a short 15 min drive to the ranch from camp. We will hunt from a 4x4 vehicle looking for a mature buck. Around noon, we will break for lunch that is pre-made that morning. We typically will stay out all day on our Mule deer hunts unless the clients would like to return to camp for a little R&R during the day. That evening we would continue hunting till close to dark, then return to camp where we would enjoy a ribeye steak, snapper fillet, fajitas, or any other delicious meal prepared by yours truly. 


Mule Deer Package-

$6500 (All Inclusive)

Package includes one mature Mule Deer  buck, 4 hunting days, 4 nights lodging, meals, guide, game care, and transportation on ranch during hunt.