Exotic Game Management

Exotic game capture

 Ahrens Ranch & Wildlife provides many services to landowners who looks to improve, manage, or evaluate their property. One of those services includes Exotic Game Management. Having exotic game on your property isn't just for fun, it can be rewarding in many different avenues. Exotic game is a great way to generate revenue or invest money in compared to the traditional ways of ranching.

Whether you are a landowner in need of removing surplus animals from your property, or are wanting certain species brought in to your ranch, Ahrens Ranch & Wildlife can help.

We specialize in the capture, selling, & the trading of Exotic Game to benefit landowners all over. To capture game we offer services including helicopter capture, immobilization darting, remote trapping, and netting.

We also specialize in both selling and buying exotic game. Ahrens Ranch & Wildlife has multiple contacts and access to some of the best exotic hoof-stock in the United States. 

Trust in us the next time you want exotic game management on your property.

For pricing and more information contact Calan Ahrens.

Calan J. Ahrens

Professional Hunter/Wildlife Consultant