Aoudad Sheep Hunting

Texas Mountain Sheep Hunting

There is no feeling comparable to climbing into the mountains of the Trans Pecos in pursuit of Aoudad (Barbary) Sheep. This hunt is a true test of ones hunting passion and love of the outdoors. 

Aoudad sheep hunting requires true grit and physical preparedness, for the mountains and the desert can be a challenge. The Chinati Mountain range we hunt varies in elevation from 4,000 ft - 6,600 ft and it is all 100% great Aoudad country!

We strive for mature (9+ year old sheep) with great chaps and mane. generally our sheep are between 30"-35". The best time to hunt Aoudad is when they are rutting which is in September and October, however, we do take great sheep from January- May as well when rams bachelor up.

Calan has guided over 100 successful Aoudad sheep hunts and several Gold medal rams. When you are in Aoudad camp, you have the best in the business personally guiding you for a trophy ram.

We recommend a larger caliber rifle on Aoudad because of how tough they are to bring down. Generally, a .300 caliber is a good round to use combined with a 180-200 grain Barnes or Nosler Partition bullet. 

Mountain sheep hunting is a hunt every hunter should pursue!

Clients flying in should fly into El Paso or Midland, from there you will need to head to Marfa, Tx where Calan will personally meet/greet and then head out to the ranch south of town. 

For out of state hunters, you will need to purchase a special 5 day exotic hunting license from Texas Parks & Wildlife Department. Calan can help you obtain your license at your request. Local Tx residents just need their valid Texas Hunting License to hunt.


1x1  $5,250

2x1 $4,750