Aoudad Sheep Hunting

Sheep Hunting....In the Mountains

There is no feeling comparable to climbing into the mountains of the Trans Pecos in pursuit of Aoudad (Barbary) Sheep. This hunt is a true test of ones hunting passion and love of the outdoors. 

Aoudad sheep hunting requires true grit and physical preparedness, for the mountains and the desert can be a challenge. 

We strive for mature (8+ year old sheep) with great chaps and mane. generally our sheep are between 30"-35". The best time to hunt these critters is when they are rutting which is in September and October.

We recommend a larger caliber rifle on Aoudad because of how tough they are to bring down. Generally, a .300 caliber is a good round to use combined with a 180-200 grain Barnes or Nosler Partition bullet. 

Mountain sheep hunting is a hunt every hunter should pursue!


Aoudad Pricing is all inclusive for 3 1/2 days and 4 nights.

1 x 1 - $5,800

2 x 1 - $5,250

Non Hunters are $200/Day